Vice President and COO


Mr. Emre Cagatay OZKAN, the third generation of the family, holds a BS Degree in Industrial Engineering from Sabancı University Istanbul Turkey and currently proceeds with his MS Degree in Renewable Energy in City University London UK. Mr OZKAN, the youngest member of the group has a special interest in energy industry and has his own investments and developments within that sector. He developed a plastic recycling facility with a combined power generation plant in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone in 2015 that is collecting the areas waste plastics and converting them into electricity for the Industrial Zone. He has further partnerships and investments in solar engine development with prestigious groups in Turkey. Under the Title of Vice President, Mr Emre Cagatay OZKAN is assisting the Company President Mr Celal OZKAN in running the companies overall program in coordination with high executives of the Group. He is responsible for analyzing the companies commercial and financial tables and defining key outlines for business decisions. Beyond his professions in commerce Mr Emre Cagatay OZKAN has a very active sports life. He has been the Team Capitaine of Sabancı University American Football Team for the last consecutive 4 years plus a member of Fenerbahce Sports Club Swimming Team for the last 6 years. He is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Turkish.